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10-Day Sugar Detox: Easy Meal Plans to Beat Sugar in 10 Days

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2015-02-22
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4.5
From 16 Ratings


10 Days. 4 Sugar Detox Options. 1 Life-Changing Experience.

Live healthier. Lose weight. Cut carbs. Gain energy. Sleep better. Most people who choose to do a sugar detox have similar goals. But just because you want to achieve the same things doesn’t mean you’re starting from the same place. 

10-Day Sugar Detox takes into account the real eating habits of aspiring sugar detoxers. It offers four different detoxes, each of which can be undertaken to end sugar addiction safely and successfully. Which sugar detox is right for you?

Orange Plan: Vegetarian
Yellow Plan: Carnivorous
Green Plan: Grain-free, legume-free
Blue Plan: Grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free
Each sugar detox includes its own shopping list and meal plan for the 10-day period—so the only thing you have to think about is how good you’re going to feel by the end. 

Recipes include: Cheesy Bacon Breakfast Casserole, Steak Salad with Goat Cheese, Curried Carrot Soup with Basil, Sesame-Ginger Soba Noodles, Spicy Salmon Burgers, Grilled Garlic-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin, Chocolate-Almond Fondue, and more!


  • Great way to eliminate sugar

    By JenWSharp
    This book provides you with a pretty easy way to eliminate sugar from your diet. My husband and I have been looking for a plan that is easy to follow and we've found it. The recipes in the books are actually tasty and easy to make. The book has lots of good information about hidden sugar and why it's important to avoid sugar. I am glad we got this book!
  • Helpful Book For Those Looking For A Change

    By Frymom3
    Reading this book has helped me to better understand more about how sugar affects my body. I learn the effects can cause things from heart disease to anxiety and even depression. I never paid attention to how many hidden sugars were in foods that we consume daily. The list of alternate names for sugars provided in this book is a great resource and really opened my eyes. I was really amazed that there were so many names sugars go by. This is a great book, for those looking to make a a lifestyle change.
  • pretty good

    By ezeebuxs
    10 days .well I havnt tried yet .When i do i plan on going with the yellow plan .I think this could be great if one can stick with it .10 days in a long time in food world
  • Get a jump start to healthy with this book

    By Bumkinbugg
    This book is so amazing and filled with easy steps to getting on the right path to living a healthier life. There are so many helpful and easy recipes that your entire family will love!
  • Makes letting go of sugar enjoyable!

    By indianairishgirl
    I never knew how many different names that sugar could go by until reading this book. It is truly amazing how many of these are hiding in our everyday foods. I have learned the effects that sugar has on my body and am now taking steps to reduce and cut out the sugars that I have been consuming. It is no easy task, but with the help of this book I am getting there. The recipes are surprisingly great and even my children are on board...they love the chocolate mousse!
  • Awesome way to get freedom from Sugar

    By Pinkdogrtey
    Wonderful book which tells you a lot about detox in a healthy manner.. I was baffled to know that there are so many ways in which sugar can harm the body and how sugar is included in almost all the food stuff which is already made or packed. 10 day Sugar Detox book is filled with easy and delicious recipes to help you on your detox quest. following the meal plan in this book is easy and beneficial..I loved this book which is till date helping me to lead a healthy life.
  • For Your Health

    By Tammie261
    The thought of giving up sugar is pretty scary, I have a massive sweet tooth but I know my health is more important. I figured I could get through 10 days and liked how the author was honest about what to expect. I especially liked that the different plans, letting you chose how easy or intense you take things.
  • An easy way to kick sugar!

    By ThingsinReview
    This book is a step by step way to kick sugar out of your diet. It supplies you with the tools and informations you need to be successful with this detox plan. The recipes that are within this book are recipes I'd actually eat, more times then not recipes that come in detox books I wont even consider making. This book is really informative and makes detoxing sounds delicous, simple and managageable.
  • 10-Day Sugar Detox

    By Kris Mclaughlin
    I enjoyed reading the 10-day Sugar Detox book. The book was very practical and informative regarding sugar in your diet. The book offers different meal plans to choose from. In really enjoyed reading about all the different recipes that don't require sugar. Can't wait to try one of the great recipes!