The Easy Ayurveda Cookbook: An Ayurvedic Cookbook to Balance Your Body, Eat Well, and Still Have Time to Live Your Life - Rockridge Press

The Easy Ayurveda Cookbook: An Ayurvedic Cookbook to Balance Your Body, Eat Well, and Still Have Time to Live Your Life

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2015-02-18
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4
From 33 Ratings


Put the power of an ancient healing tradition to work for you by creating a balanced body, clearer mind, and delicious meals—even on your busiest day.

Ayurveda, a tradition that’s helped people flourish for 5,000 years, can become a powerful practice for strengthening our bodies, spirits, and minds. The Easy Ayurveda Cookbook combines a proven traditional approach to health with an understanding of today’s time constraints.

The Easy Ayurveda Cookbook offers:

¥ A handy quiz to help you determine your dosha—the essence of your body’s composition  ¥ 125 tantalizing recipes that can all be made in 30 minutes or less ¥ Clear labels that help you determine which recipes will balance your dosha ¥ More than 100 mindfulness tips that you can start using right now
Harness the balancing power of an ancient tradition with The Easy Ayurveda Cookbook


  • Not For The Challenged Chef

    By mlanasa88
    This cookbook will five you some background of the Ayurveda lifestyle and how it can benefit you both mentally and physically. Personally I do not forsee myself or many others utilizing this cookbook because it is somewhat difficult to follow and the ingredients could not be readily available. There are some delicious sounding recipes that I will try, but I am also very good at cooking normally so I do not foresee a lot of issues
  • Great read!

    By babygirl011781
    Theres a ton of different recipes in here and I would love to try them. But my family is so picky when it comes to new meals that I would have to cook it for myself. but if I was by myself Id for surely try them all.
  • Food as medicine and a way to acheive a balanced life

    By Krista the Green Gal
    I have used Ayurvedic beauty products for about two years, but strangely, had not thought of how the practices of balancing my DOSHA could be further enhanced by doing that with food, too! The idea with Ayurvedic teachings is that you balance your energies and you will obtain balance in your health and elsewhere. This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect introduction into following in Ayurvedic lifestyle as it begins with a very brief history (we're looking at over 5,000 years here - so it has to be brief when you're in a cookbook!) and gives you an outline as to why this would be important to you and how it could help. Following that is a quick lesson on the energies and finding which may be yours - this can help people determine what is best for them. I love how this is laid out and is very easy to read. Beyond that, the recipes are flavorful, easy to follow and has a little something for everyone, so you are certain to discover a dish that will make you smile.
  • Feeling Great Due to My New Diet

    By Leah_Q
    When I first ran across this book, I had no idea what an Ayurvedic cookbook was, but I thought I would take look. I absolutely love this book. The recipes, while intricate, are easy to make super healthy and taste great. One of my favorite parts is I can buy the ingredients at my local grocery. If you want to restore you balance and feel great, pick this book up.
  • Great Resource! Learned a ton!

    By SuperFrugalStephanie
    I knew that healthy eating helped out bodies but didn't realize how great of an effect it could have on our minds. I will be honest I didn't even know what Ayurveda was but now I know and I'm pleased with what I have learned from this book to help me!
  • Interesting

    By Itsjrae
    The information found near the front of this book wasn’t much help for me. I didn’t want to know about my dosha. However, it was interesting. Despite all that needed information there are still some great recipes in this book!
  • A Cookbook For Health!

    By kat.wissa
    I LOVE this cookbook. Seriously. I love this cookbook. I have made two recipes so far from it that were so incredible, I can not wait to whip up some more! First of all, just knowing that the food that you are chosing to eat because it is designed to give you the best outcome of your life is amazing in itself. In other words, what you decide to eat , provided that you choose healthy options keyed to yourself, you will have more energy, be more focused and have a better quality of life. So what are you waiting for? Get this book and make the 'Spiced Oatmeal with Almonds and Flaxseed' and the 'Spicy Coconut Lentils with Mint'. Yum!
  • Live healthy stay healthy!!!!!

    By Shah Nirali
    This book is quite refreshing and seemingly, a much needed addition to the typical western mindset concerning food choice.I grown up in India and know about the ayurved since my childhood but this book give way more information which my mind can not think about it. There is a lot of accumulated wisdom that one can draw from the ancient Ayurvedic practices and especially as it pertains to food. This book tell you about yout basic need. Leaned about an Understand your Dosha - and what type of energies dominate your typical day and how certain types of foods can bring your body back into harmony and balance if various stressors pull it too far in one direction. Learn the major types of food tastes, and how you can use these as tools to contribute to a more balanced mind, body and spirit. Also the variously reciepe and drinks are given for all types of meals and they all take about 30 minutes depending on your own comfort level with preparing food. I love this book.
  • Could be a great alternative

    By Beginners Guide
    This is a hindu based diet dating back 5,000 years. The Ayurveda diet is mind and body centered. For someone looking for the diet to match the overall lifestyle this would be a great option to try. For my family which includes two small children, we couldn't even get through a couple receipies because they refused to try them.
  • Good stuff….just a little complicated

    By Qwertyuiop bill
    Hum....this is a deep read cookbook. It is a cookbook based on your "dosha" (one of three energies physical, mental, or spiritual traits). This book is about balance and goes on to explain that imbalance is the precursor to disease and the practice of Ayurveda can help you regain control over your health. The book explains that food is medicine and what you eat can serve you or work against you. So you take a quiz to figure out your dosha and what category you fit into. After that, you are offered different recipes to go with your traits. I tried one of the recipes and found that it was a bit difficult. The ingredients are not ones you would find at the grocery store. You would find them in a Whole Foods type store and the nearest Whole Foods is 45 minutes away. I had to search through the recipes to find one that was less complicated and required less ingredients. Once I did make the was delicious!! I think this is a great book for someone who is looking to improve whole body wellness. It is not a basic recipe is a self help book & cookbook. It's not a bad book by any means....just not a simple quick read cookbook.