Biff - Bill Eddy LCSW, CFLS


By Bill Eddy LCSW, CFLS

  • Release Date: 2014-09-09
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


We live in an age of rapid change and instant communication. We also live in a Culture of Blame and Disrespect…

A BIFF Response can be applied in any communication anywhere – online, social media, in a letter or even in person. It can be used at work, earning you respect and success. It can help you get along with difficult family members, friends, neighbors and others anywhere in your life. BIFF was designed to protect you and your reputation by responding quickly and civilly to people who treat you rudely, while being reasonable in return.
BIFF stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm.

A BIFF response is easy to remember, but hard to do. It takes practice! This little book gives over 20 examples of BIFF responses for all areas of life—plus additional tips to help you deal with high-conflict people anywhere.
See if you can do a BIFF! Not everyone can!

This Second Edition includes a new chapter on Coaching for BIFF Responses. Anyone can use this method to help someone else with a BIFF response – by asking 10 simples questions to make it even more effective.