The Low-FODMAP 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook with Gut-Friendly Recipes for IBS Relief - Rockridge Press

The Low-FODMAP 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook with Gut-Friendly Recipes for IBS Relief

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2014-09-08
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4.5
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Relieve your painful IBS symptoms permanently with The Low FODMAP 28-DAY Plan.

Millions of people suffer from IBS, which can cause painful and embarrassing symptoms. Now you can relieve your worst IBS symptoms by adopting a low FODMAP diet. FODMAPs are simple carbohydrates that can be the hidden culprits behind digestive disorders. The Low FODMAP 28-Day Plan, from New York Times and Amazon best-selling publisher Rockridge Press, is a straightforward 4-week plan for removing FODMAPs from your diet and banishing digestive pain forever. With easy guidelines and simple recipes, you’ll learn how to identify and avoid FODMAP foods, and make healthy and delicious FODMAP free meals in your own kitchen. 

With The Low FODMAP 28-Day Plan you will soothe your digestive system and make it easy to enjoy meals again, with:
• 105 recipes for delicious, nutritious low FODMAP dishes including Huevos Rancheros, Maple-Soy Glazed Salmon, Butterscotch Pudding, and Spiced Popcorn  • A “symptom tracker” so you can log what you’re eating and how it affects your symptoms  • An easy-to-follow quickstart guide to help you begin a low FODMAP diet  • Comprehensive lists of foods to enjoy or avoid based on their FODMAP content,  • 10 tips for sticking to a low FODMAP diet when dining out


  • No More Porcelain Throne!

    By Lindizzaster
    If you’re finding yourself spending more and more of your evenings at the good ol’ porcelain throne, it might be time to lower your intake of FODMAP’s. The Low-FODMAP 28-Day Plan provides tons of delicious recipes that are sure to make your tummy feel better in no time. The book helps you get started, explains just what a FODMAP is, and tells you what to look for at that circus we call the grocery store. So whip up a Meatloat “Muffin” and get reading! This time, just not on the toilet.
  • Empower Yourself

    By Vsdreamon
    This book provides a different focus on watching what you eat. With stomach discomfort, I've tried diets to limit gluten and have eatten paleo. But this book is different in that it focuses on multiple foods that are often problematic, has you eliminate them from your diet to cleanse by providing you a 28 day supply of recipes, and then you can start reintroducing individual items back into your diet to find out what is making you uncomfortable. Sounds practical to me. Looking forward to figuring this out for myself.
  • Healthy recipes, easy to make

    By dance4ever:)
    This diet sounds a little bit like the Atkins diet, except you can eat gluten-free flour products like bread and pasta. It might take a little getting used to, but this diet doesn’t sound like it deprives you – you can still eat lots of normal foods. The recipes are easy to follow and don’t use many obscure ingredients, but I would eat a lot more of everything than they suggest.

    By ajblac
    Many people suffer with digestive troubles (IBS) and researchers have discovered the connection between small carbohydrates called FODMAPs (fermentable igosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) and IBS. These FODMAPs are found in regular foods, such as milk and pears. Even healthy foods can trigger digestive distress in people with sensitive stomachs. The 28-Day diet, with so many tasty dishes reduces or eliminates the discomfort associated with IBS. While all FODMAPs are carbohydrates, not all carbohydrates contain FODMAPs. Fructose and Lactose should be avoided. After about four weeks you can even customize your low-FODMAP diet to meet your own unique needs. It is important to track the foods you eat daily in order to identify what may cause the return of irritable symptoms, such as constipation and bloating. The awesome characteristic of this diet is that foods containing FODMAPs that once caused irritation can be slowly brought back into your diet one at time.
  • Great food. Good medicine

    By E.L. Jackson
    The Low Fodmap 28-Day Plan is a great way for IBS sufferers to change their life. It gives you serious, scientific advice on how to create a healthy diet that taste great will make you feel good. This book was obviously written by someone who understands the difficulties IBS patient suffer from and provides the most comprehensive plan I know of to treat and eliminate those symptoms. The recipes look pretty good too. I can't wait to try them. Yum!
  • Healthy Meals at Your Fingertips

    By LFarmer22
    This cookbook has an extensive selection of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The 28-day meal plan provides a step-by-step process that makes it easy for people to transition to this diet. There are well-seasoned vegetarian recipes as well as smoothies, like the Banana-Spinach Green Smoothie. There are also creative dishes like Meatloaf “Muffins”and Low-FODMAP Breakfast Sausage. The Garlic Oil sounds like the perfect garnish for salads as well as the Garlic Oil Potato Chips. I love how the book reminds the reader to keep the pantry stocked and be sure to read food labels.
  • Great Book For IBS Sufferers

    By ElianaST
    This is a great book for people who suffer from digestive disorders. It teaches you how to identify your personal trigger foods. It also offers 105 delicious and easy to make recipes, plus a four week meal plan with shopping lists.

    By horses273
    I found the title very interesting. This book is a wonderful tool for those who suffer with digestive issues. It covers all of the basics in an interesting manner. This tool gives a person the pantry and shopping list that coincides with the weekly meal plan. For me that is a huge part of overcoming a behavioral modification is knowing what to buy exactly and not having to buy unusual items. This book uses basic ingredients that I would normally purchase.
  • Worth it even if you don’t suffer!

    By NicoleKeslinke
    This book was so helpful! Even if you don’t suffer from IBS the shopping list, explanation, and general row of the book make it easy to follow and enjoy. Also, the recipes looked great, seriously, there were’t many I would really recommend this book for anyone looking to help their symptoms or anyone looking to just feel good from the inside out!
  • A helpful guide for sufferers of IBS

    By Lunar Exfortito
    Looking at the title of this book, I had no idea what FODMAP is. But it was explained quite easily in this book. I like this books solution to IBS by taking out all the normal causes in your diet and slowly reintroducing one type of food back in at a time to find out how your body reacts. The recipes are tasty and simple to make.