Can You Spare a Few Minutes - Hamp Lee III

Can You Spare a Few Minutes

By Hamp Lee III

  • Release Date: 2014-05-26
  • Genre: Christianity


When I asked my girlfriend to marry me in 1996, I was ill-prepared to be a husband. I was not mentally, emotionally, financially, or spiritually ready to live with another person. I could barely manage my own life. But there I was, asking one of the most important questions of my life. 

Though I knew our marriage was ordained by God, there were many things we could have learned about ourselves before making such an important decision. And because I did not spare a few extra minutes, we found ourselves on the brink of divorce just a few years into our union. 

I wrote Can You Spare a Few Minutes?: Making Marriage a Priority to share a testimony of God’s love and grace through our years of marriage. There are so many things I wish I could have told that young man kneeling before his girlfriend so many years ago. I learned so many lessons the hard way. But I cannot go back. I can only look to the future and share our experiences with you in the hopes you would avoid some of our mistakes. 

No matter where you might be in your marriage, I pray Can You Spare a Few Minutes?: Making Marriage a Priority will be a blessing to you and your marriage. I pray your marriage before God and others will be a reflection of His love and commitment to us. Amen.