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Hot Sauce Cookbook: The Book of Fiery Salsa and Hot Sauce Recipes

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2014-03-20
  • Genre: Specific Ingredients
Score: 4.5
From 36 Ratings


Make Your Favorite Hot Sauces with The Hot Sauce Cookbook

The recipes in The Hot Sauce Cookbook will have you wiping your brow, chugging water, and helping yourself to seconds. Using a variety of chiles and easy-to-find ingredients like vinegar and red pepper flakes, The Hot Sauce Cookbook shows you how to prepare your favorite sauces and pair them with authentic regional recipes. The Hot Sauce Cookbook gives you clear instructions for every step of the way, from choosing chile peppers, to stocking your kitchen, to storing the finished product.

The Hot Sauce Cookbook lets you cook some of the world’s spiciest dishes, with:

• 49 hot sauce recipes from around the world
• 27 complementary food recipes, such as Cajun Barbecue Sauce, Puerto Rican Pique, Korean Barbecued Beef, and Grilled Chicken Satay
• 10 tips for making great hot sauce
• Profiles of 29 types of chiles and their heat levels

With The Hot Sauce Cookbook, you won’t need to go to a restaurant or a grocery store to enjoy great spicy flavors—they’ll be waiting for you in your fridge.


  • Make All Your Favorites

    By Noladoll13
    From New Mexican Green Roasted Chile Sauce, to Basic Louisiana Hot Sauce to Sriracha, if you love the hot stuff, The Hot Sauce cookbook is for you. The idea of of making hot sauce is not one I thought of before yet am excited to try. The Cajun Barbeque, the Spicy Peanut Sauce and the Brava sauce are all sure to be big hits in my house!
  • Great guide to all things spicy and delicious

    By Abe in LA
    I found this cookbook so fascinating. LOVE the breakdown of chiles- who knew there were so many?! I really like spicy foods and the recipes in this cookbook make me feel like I can cook some of my favorite exotic dishes at home. Fresh sriracha?! I can’t wait to experiment!
  • The Ultimate Hot Sauce Authority: A Great Cookbook!

    By MG French
    This book is a true education as well as a handy resource, especially the Scoville scale. It covers heat index levels as well as flavors such as fruity, sweet, mild, hot, smoky, earthy, herbal, and/or nutty. I'm truly impressed with the quick and easy recipes as well as its in-depth processes that include fermentation. There are some great ideas like mixing hot sauces with condiments or adding it to softened butter to add spice to whatever you're cooking.
  • Excellent resource for making hot sauces!

    By Newdawn78
    Thank you. This is the best go-to reference book I have found on making hot sauces and chilis. This will save my household plenty of money. The hot sauces seem to go on everything that I make in my house. I love the tips they give in this book. Things that should be common sense but people wouldn't think of. Now off to the grocery store.
  • Great recipes!

    By CarolynEliza
    I've been wanting to try and make homemade hot sauce, and this is the only book I think I'll need! It contains a great intro to read before you get started, complete with a helpful scoville unit chart and descriptions of the various chiles. The chapters are broken down by region - Latin America, Louisiana, Asia, the Caribbean and "Beyond". I can't wait to make a homemade version of Frank's and sriracha, but there are lots of more adventurous recipes as well. My only complaint is that there aren't any pictures.
  • Informative text and tasty recipes

    By sparklyreviewergirl
    For all things salsa/hot sauce related The Hot Sauce Cookbook is a fun resource. I love that in addition to sauce recipes, it also gives you some recipes to use the sauces in. The book gives a great overview of all the different peppers you will need, but it would be nice if the text came with images to help in your search through the produce section for the right ingredients. If you love spicy food, it is still a solid cookbook with some great recipes.
  • The cookbook for hot sauce lovers

    By Shopinchic
    If you appreciate a good hot sauce as much as I do, you will love The Hot Sauce Cookbook. This fabulous book is full of great recipes from all regions including Central America and the Southwest, Lousiana, West Indies and the Caribbean, Asia, and more. This book also offers an in depth look at all the different chiles out there as well as tips on how you can make the tastiest salsa ever. If you're looking for a new cookbook to add spice to your life, this is it!
  • You’ll never look at hotsauce the same way again!

    By TheDouggernaut
    This might be the only time I’ve ever claimed a cookbook was informative in more than just a culinary sense! I’m a little uncultured (read: ignorant) when it comes to the foods of some places around the world so it was a delight to read a book that took such an even view of hot sauces from all over. Even if you think you know everything about international cuisine and spiciness, I’d still recommend giving this cookbook a read, if not to just have one place you can find a way to add whatever kind of flavor of spiciness you need to your day.
  • Great cookbook!

    By bchrtr
    I love this book! It's more than a recipe collection. It gives explanations and origins of so many varities of peppers, along with suggestions and uses for any meal of the day along with snacks or party foods. It's definitely a book I wiill use frequently.
  • Add spice to your library!

    By Gardening Maven
    Cooks and hot sauce fans will love the Hot Sauce Cookbook because it contains interesting information about the history of chile peppers, how to use these peppers to make hot sauce, and how to use the sauce in different recipes. The book addresses the use of chiles in cultures around the world and provides hot sauce recipes from around the globe and its use in different cuisines.