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Paleo for Every Day: 4 Weeks of Paleo Diet Recipes & Meal Plans to Lose Weight & Improve Health

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2014-02-03
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4
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Make a successful transition to a Paleo Diet in just one month.

The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle change that can revolutionize your health. On a Paleo Diet, you will look and feel better than ever before, just by avoiding the modern-day processed foods that make us overweight and unhealthy, and consuming nutritious, wholesome foods instead. Paleo for Every Day will guide you through the first four weeks of the Paleo Diet, with dozens of delicious recipes and easy-to-follow meal plans that will help you lose weight, build lean muscle, and prevent disease. 

Paleo for Every Day gets you on the road reshaping your body and your relationship with food, with:

• More than 60 simple Paleo Diet recipes, including favorites like Maple-Fennel Breakfast Sausage with Scrambled Eggs, Beef Tacos, Rib Roast with Mustard-Horseradish Sauce, and Chocolate Chip Cookies
• A comprehensive 4-week Paleo Diet meal plan to guide you through the first month of Paleo 
• Paleo shopping lists, along with planning, preparation, and pantry-stocking tips that will save you time, money, and stress
• A detailed Paleo food list and Paleo-approved snacks that will keep you feeling energized and satisfied
• Tips for how to nutritional labels so you can make good choices when shopping, and advice for how to make the best choices when dining out

The Paleo for Every Day is a step-by-step guide to achieving sustainable weight loss, a lean body, and better health with the Paleo Diet. 


  • A detailed diet laid out for us!

    By Alex Henesy
    This book gives the basics of the diet along with a specific meal plan and a list of recipes. I like that the author included the types of food that should be avoided and the ones that should be consumed daily. However, I do wish that more reputable sources were given for some of the claims made. I recommend this book to anyone interested in getting detailed instructions on the Paleo diet.
  • Not a bad book on the topic

    By MrRyanScott
    Basically, I read this because I was trying to become informed on the specifics of this diet and was hoping to see both sides of it seeing as it is a bit of a controversial diet. This is fairly one sided, but it was well done. It would be a great read for people already committed to the diet and the recipes look interesting.
  • good guide

    By natureboymje
    This is a good book especially for the price to get into healthier eating. In my opinion the paleo diet is a bit smoke and mirrors for just fresher eating. Apparently we eat really poorly and the more fresher produce and rawer state food we get the better we'll be. Not to say this book isn't good, it is, but some of the hubub circling around the diet is superflous. Eat clean. Reduce your sugar. A lot of these recipes are easy and sensible, and even if you dont want to stick to the complete diet if you substitute a few of your meals a week I'm sure you're feel better and loose weight.
  • Super Diet Book!

    By da5166
    I had heard a lot about Paleo diets but was skeptical until I discovered this book. I read the book in one sitting, and soon began preparing the recipes. They’ve been great in terms of giving me energy, managing my weight and boosting my self-confidence. They’re easy to follow as well requiring minimal preparation. The price of the book is very attractive whether you go with a print or digital edition. I recommend it.
  • Every Day Paleo

    By Stargazer838
    This book is definitely for intermediate Paleo dieters. The recipes feature the usual variety of foods without sending you halfway across town for ingredients. It gives a good idea of what type to buy, making a good point of the fact that not all things marketed as health food are good for you. As usual though, the recipes, while not intensive, can still be time-consuming, so watch your clock if you budget your time!
  • hungry~~~~~

    By smoothie72
    Daily Tips, easy recipes…SO EASY A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT!!!! This is a books gives you a simple way to help you eat healthy and lose weight. The best thing it is not a diet per say…you can eat till you are full; just eat the right kind of food. Eat well, live long!!! Fred Flintstone would be proud.
  • Delicious Paleo recipes with know-how

    By ginabean206
    I highly recommend that you pick up Paleo for Every Day for yourself or anyone who wants healthy, delicious recipes. This book delivers information on the fundamentals of the Paleo diet—along with simple, step-by-step recipes that keep your life with food interesting. The variety of foods and recipes in this book save you from the dreaded boredom of a weight-loss diet—and from giving up before you see the end results that you so deserve. I loved the ethnic recipes like Cuban pulled pork and every recipe that I’ve tried. Don’t miss out on this book
  • Paleo Predicament

    By SFishel1
    So the good news is, paleo is the real deal when it comes to lifestyle changes. The bad news is, this book doesn't give enough detail on the process or the effects on the body. I enjoyed the recipes and the 4 week breakdown, with meal plan included, but just felt it was overall too vague for beginners.
  • Great Recipes... Amazing Value!!!

    By rlwe
    I loved the recipes.....This is a great value, I am always looking for more recipes that follow paleo method of eating and this was simple and to the point!!
  • A Healthy Challenge for You

    By OmegaM7
    This book leaves you with no doubt that your food choices determine the overall condition of your body, mind, skin and hair. The many details based on research, outline how to select meats, vegetables, fruits, desserts and ingredients that lead to a stronger and healthier you. If you are serious about improving or transforming yourself, take a close look at the appealing recipes and the convincing facts in Paleo for Every Day.