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The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 75 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2013-07-10
  • Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Score: 4
From 54 Ratings


The Slow Cooker Cookbook has 75 simple recipes designed for busy people who want to use their slow cooker to make quick and hearty meals.

The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to becoming an expert with your slow cooker so you can start saving hours while you make delicious, healthy home-cooked meals! The Slow Cooker Cookbook is filled with dozen of easy, crowd-pleasing recipes for every meal and occasion, and it will inspire you to use your slow cooker on a daily basis.

* Flavorful slow cooker chicken recipes like Miso Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Curried Coconut Chicken
* Slow cooker pot roast that will melt in your mouth
* Easy one-pot slow cooker meals that will satisfy the whole family, like comforting Chicken Pot Pie, Classic Lasagna Bolognese, and Mexican-Style Pork
* Dozens of tasty recipes to get the full value of your slow cooker--learn how to make casseroles, side dishes such as rice pilaf or cornbread stuffing, vegetables, stews...and, most importantly, desserts


  • Recipes are nothing earth shattering

    By poseidon_92
    BUT the instructions for each are pretty easy, and they give helpful hints throughout the cookbook. I've seen a lot of these recipes in other slow cooker books before, but I do like the simplicity of this book. It's great for someone who is a beginner or novice to using a slow cooker. I have not tried any of the dessert recipes, it just does not seem right to cook those in a slow cooker. I did however make my mother the pork chops with apples and sauerkraut (she loves sauerkraut)--it was a hit! As far as the pulled pork recipe, it was nothing exciting. I have a better and easier one than that; but if you're looking for some different recipes to try then this is the cookbook for you.
  • very nice book -- easy to read

    By roy835
    Very well written and easy to read and understand. If you are really looking for tasty meals that are easy to prepare and good for you all at the same time, give this book a try. I really like the chapter on Casseroles, as that can be a challenging dish for me to make, the right way. However, the book gives you pinpoint details of how to prepare Casseroles the right way. They have a "soups and stews" section that is really good to read too. I like making and eating soups because they can be more healthy than fried or baked dishes. This book offers some really easy tasty recipes for soup and stews and more. Check it out to be a more healthy eater.
  • Good Recipes!

    By callikitty
    The Slow Cooker Cookbook has good solid recipes and gears them towards the slow cooker. It’s well put together and will be a favorite whether you are new to slow cookers or use them regularly. It covers the basic information on slow cookers to bring the new up to speed, and provides lots of tips for turning out a great meal.
  • Turn it up!

    By sionainnt
    Let your imagination take control of your menu! The Slow Cooker Cookbook outlines easy, yet delicious, menus anyone who can turn a dial can make. The cookbook provides the traditional slow cooker meals such as stews but also includes recipes for halibut and risotto, but breads and dips would have been a nice addition as well. In the end, I’m excited to give my slow cooker a new workout!
  • Good Collection of Recipes!

    By Diana__R
    The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a good solid collection of recipes, as well as providing some basic information for those new to this type of cooking. I love the slow cooker method, as putting a meal together early in the day and being able to come back to a finished meal is invaluable on busy days, and it makes for easy cleanup! We tried the Shredded Buffalo Chicken recipe yesterday and loved it!
  • Simple and easy to use

    By TRose1_3
    This book is useful and easy to read, particularly if you are already a little familiar with slow cookers. While not particularly conducive to more varied lifestyles, these recipes can be helpful for those with a 9-5 who also have to put a filling meal on the table for others. Not always healthy, but this book has some great ideas for parties.
  • A Little Effort Serves Hot Meals

    By NicCole B
    This book offers many wonderful recipes that you’ve never thought could be made in a slow cooker, and that shows how much owning one comes in handy. To have the ability to set it and go for hours at a time, when you’re ready to eat, breakfast, lunch or dinner is served. One of the best inventions ever created, and the author highlights on the background history of this device, the basics, and how to use it well. Overall a great recipe book to add to any collection.
  • New recipes to try

    By Hmorris27
    Using a crockpot is so easy but I was stuck in a rut. I would only use my crockpot for typical meals like a roast or stews. I never even thought about doing dessert or breakfast in it. This book gives a great variety of meals and recipes that I'm excited to try. I only wish there had been photos to accompany some if the recipes.
  • Keep cooking!

    By Jekarentaylor
    So just like most people, I use my slow cooker for soups. Imagine my shock and glee to find out you can use it to cook potatoes! BBQ!! This book really opened my eyes to new thing to try for dinner. it's going to b hard to break though, I'm dying to try out the Butternut Squash soup first!
  • Good for Recent College Grads and Newlyweds

    By sarahbest
    This cookbook has a lot of recipes that would help a new home cook get started, such as BBQ Pulled Pork, Tuna Noodle Casserole and a classic Pot Roast. It’s also got a selection of recipes for fall and winter including a number of soups (the Baked Potato Soup looks yummy, as does the Butternut Squash Soup) and holiday beverages (Wassail, anyone?) Seasoned home cooks might not out of this cookbook, but it could make a great gift, tucked into a crockpot with some cooking staples, like soup beans and broth.