EFT and Tapping for Beginners: The Essential EFT Manual to Start Relieving Stress, Losing Weight, and Healing - Rockridge Press

EFT and Tapping for Beginners: The Essential EFT Manual to Start Relieving Stress, Losing Weight, and Healing

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2013-06-28
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4
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Now there is a simple, effective, noninvasive, and drug-free way to use your body’s own healing mechanisms to overcome physical and emotional pain. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping consist of activating energy points along one’s body in much the same way acupuncture relieves pain—except without the needles! Energy blockages are cleared quickly and effectively, allowing for healing and a sense of overall well-being. It is a safe and easy way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and to control weight gain and physical pain. 

With EFT and Tapping for Beginners: 

• Practice the basic tapping sequences using helpful illustrations that show you the exact energy points to activate on your head, hands, and torso. 
• Learn how to focus your thoughts and tapping goals with freewriting and journaling. 
• Begin experiencing relief from stress and everyday anxieties. 
• Use tapping to help manage the root causes of weight gain and the physical symptoms associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, persistent pain, and more. 

EFT and Tapping for Beginners: The Essential EFT Manual to Start Relieving Stress, Losing Weight, and Healing not only helps you learn the tapping process, but also invites you to look at the causes of emotional and physical pain. Begin healing with this concise guide.


  • Loved it!

    By scarletquill
    Tapping is the process of literally tapping different places in the body in order to clear energy blockages in the body, thereby relieving stress, fear, anxiety, and help with issues like illness and obesity. This book is a great primer on the subject, and does an excellent job of showing, through both text and diagrams, how the practice works, where the tapping points are on the body, and where the practice came from (it’s based on the same ideas as acupuncture!). I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy and non-invasive way to help cope with the stresses of everyday life, and who doesn’t mind a little tapping here and there!
  • Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique

    By Cat Lugo
    EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an alternative healing method whose popularity is on the rise. The book by Rockridge Press, EFT and Tapping for Beginners: The Essential EFT Manual to Start Relieving Stress, Losing Weight and Healing, covers the topic completely. In it, you’ll learn exactly what EFT is and how it can help you be healthier and have a better outlook on life. The book has first-rate graphics and everything you need to know about EFT is explained in an informal, easy to read style. After reading it, you’ll want to give the therapy a try for yourself.
  • Tapping - Holistic Therapy for Healing

    By Darci1467
    Tapping is a do-it-yourself technique that can be used to regulate the positive and negative energies that flow through our body. Experts estimate that harboring negative emotions can lead to a diagnosis of many different diseases and ailments. Stress, one of the main negative energies that is often not dealt with in a healthy manner, can be a common causal factor in these diseases. Learning to apply pressure to specific energy points can reduce the symptoms of several widespread health issues that plague us on a daily basis. Full of clear illustrations and guidelines on how to apply the technique, EFT for Beginners is a standard for alternative, more holistic therapy that can bring balance back to your life. An outstanding read.
  • A Great Introduction to Tapping

    By Saramlin
    This is a really interesting book! I’ve never heard of tapping before, but basically it’s a quick and simple method of self-affirmation and the release of negative emotions. By stimulating certain points in your body, which the book shows you how to do in Chapter 5, you can encourage both bodily and mental health. The book doesn’t go into detail about the scientific background of the practice, but if you’re looking for a harmless alternative approach to healing, tapping, following the same vein as yoga or meditation, certainly seems like a good way to calm you down.
  • A solid introduction to EFT with instructions for tapping

    By wahmRachel
    This book takes you on a journey through the history of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping, then follows through with a thorough description of how to do it. The information is easy-to-read, and there are illustrations that make it simple to start tapping. Various emotional and physical issues or disorders are presented, along with how to use tapping to combat these issues and stories from real people who used tapping with success. I enjoyed reading this book, and I’m excited to start using these techniques.