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Coconut Oil for Beginners – Your Coconut Oil Miracle Guide: Health Cures, Beauty, Weight Loss, and Delicious Recipes

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2013-05-08
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4.5
From 72 Ratings



For centuries, cultures around the world have used coconut oil for its many nutritional and health benefits. Now, coconut oil is finally gaining widespread recognition for its proven ability to help with weight loss and improve hair and skin health. Coconut Oil for Beginners will introduce you to using coconut oil as a miracle cure for the body, and as an amazing addition to your kitchen! This rich, flavorful oil is a healthy alternative to bad saturated fats, and can help you lose weight.

COCONUT OIL FOR BEGINNERS is a comprehensive how-to guide on using coconut oil in every area of your life, from your beauty routine to your cooking.

• Learn how to use coconut oil to boost immunity and fight the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's and heart disease.
• Cook dozens of delicious recipes that replace bad saturated fats with this flavorful, nutritious alternative.
• Discover scientific research on the anti-aging and stress relief properties of coconut oil.
• Create glowing, soft hair and skin with easy DIY coconut oil beauty applications.
• Use coconut oil to lose weight, increase your metabolism, and improve your thyroid function.


  • Educational, surprising!

    By nursebrandy2010
    This is very good read. Love the explanation on how it reacts in your body.I tried it with eggs.YUM! Going to use the massage oil recipe this week!
  • Coconut Oil for Beginners

    By UntoldJoy
    The history, basic chemical and biological explications and inviting recipes are presented clearly and in an engaging tone. The reader will find refreshingly original food and drink ideas and remarkably innovative topical treatments. Recipes and easy-to-follow instructions abound in this motivating manual.
  • Very Scientific and Easy To Read

    By Roxy7410
    Coconut Oil For Beginners is a scientifically based book on the health and beauty benefits of using coconut oil. Rather then using popular health myths, this book emphasizes the scientific data that supports many of the health benefits of coconut oil. This is a great and easy to read introduction to the history and modern use of coconut oil.
  • Well written and comprehensive guide to using coconut oil.

    By BenZimbabwe
    Far from one of the boring or “granola” tomes on its magical properties, “Coconut Oil for Beginners” offers a reader-friendly and actionable guide to using this “rediscovered” oil in everything from your hair to your morning smoothie – and backs it up with sound science.
  • Coconut Oil -- who knew!!

    By SadieCAr
    This comprehensive book about coconut oil made me wonder why (and how!) this wonder food has been so underrated and down-played for so long in this country. Actually, the author does explain that, along with everything else I ever wanted to know about coconut. It includes its history, scientific composition and why it is so beneficial to our health; it also has lots of fun facts, tips, and delicious recipes for food and great and innovative cosmetic recipes.
  • Great for all users

    By kmus32
    This book is title “…for beginners” but as someone who has used coconut oil for several years I still found it extremely helpful. I was mostly looking for new recipes and was pleased with the mix of them that I found, but was also surprisingly interested in the history about coconut oil. The book is well categorized and is easy to read as well as interesting.
  • Amazingly Helpful!

    By ShaylaS
    This book is well informed on the history of coconut oil and the many positive affects it can have on your body when used properly. There are recipes included, a very nice edition, that range from a variety of treatments from skin care to weight loss. Overall the book is very informative and a good starting point for anyone who wants to incorporate coconut oil into their daily lives.
  • Coconut Oil is a miracle worker

    By JessMicheleSmith
    Coconut Oil must be made from Unicorn blood or something. There is no way this stuff is from this Earth. How can one oil transform literally every aspect of your life. From hair to weight loss to stress relief- coconut oil does it all. “Coconut Oil for Beginners” breaks it all down for you and explains every detail about how this amazing substance can do everything to improve your life. Each chapter breaks it down easily for you and provides tips on how to get the most out of this. Get this book now! You will not regret it!
  • Get Ready for Miraculous Benefits!

    By Jesse Alexander
    This comprehensive guide to coconut oil is a magnificent addition to any household! Not only does it deliver a well-written explanation of the countless uses of the oil–from fighting diseases and aging to making delicious meals at any time of day–Coconut Oil for Beginners makes it possible for the average reader to understand the history and the science of the miraculous effects the oil has. This guide is a great purchase for improving your quality of life!
  • Coconut Oil for Beginners

    By Janet Ruth
    Coconut Oil for Beginners is an excellent resource guide for anyone looking to stay healthy and beautiful. It offers a well-written description of the health benefits of coconut oil as well as fabulous recipes so you can make your own products. Everyone ought to have a copy of Coconut Oil for Beginners.