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Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide: Paleo Meal Plans for Endurance Athletes, Strength Training, and Fitness

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2013-04-25
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4
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From the Publisher of New York Times Bestsellers Paleo Slow Cooker and Paleo for Every Day

Lose weight and build muscle more efficiently than ever before with the Paleo Diet.

PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES is the ultimate guide for adopting the Paleo diet to maximize your workout and transform the way you exercise. Lose weight, build muscle, and boost stamina with easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes that are low carb, high protein, and full of nutritious, unprocessed ingredients. Paleo is the diet that humans were intended to eat—and the best diet for increasing your workout success.

Paleo Diet for Athletes will show you how to change your diet to get the most out of your workouts with:

• Easy recipes to properly fuel your body, during and after training sessions
• Meal plans designed to effectively build muscle mass and reduce body fat
• Scientific research behind proper eating for your specific sport and workout goals
• Flexible, healthy meals no matter your weight loss goal or current athletic


  • A Useful Read!

    By Cait_D
    While the Paleo Diet for Athletes is not exactly a starter book, as it is focused on athletes, there is still great information that one can glean regardless of activity level. The book is arranged into four ‘sections’. First is the general overview, then a section geared towards endurance training, and another on strength training. It is great that there are recipes and meal plans specifically for these two types of workouts. The body needs different fuel for different activities. And finally there is a section on desserts, because what is the point in keeping a fit healthy lifestyle if you can’t splurge every now and then. A great book, well written and filled with wonderful recipes!
  • Motivated for Sensible Change

    By clutzalways
    Whether you had a New Years resolution to change your lifestyle or are an active athlete, The Paleo Diet for Athletes is for you! Digestion and exercise work together, so it is important to optimize your daily routine in order to allow this to happen. This diet book provides recipes for different parts of a work-out, including before and after. There are no calorie restrictions, the diet is simply giving you food options that are optimal for you body. Even if you are not an active athlete, this diet book has a lot of information regarding health benefits of the paleo diet as well as wonderful recipes. If I were you, I wouldn't even hesitate to purchase this book!
  • Eat Like a Caveman, Train Like a Professional.

    By hopeful writer
    Eat Like a Caveman, Train Like a Professional If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change and not just a fad diet, the Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide is your book. Even though “diet” is in the title, this book is written as a lifestyle change. The meal plans and recipes given are used for training but they can also be incorporated in everyday life. Healthy eating is just one part of the equation to a healthy lifestyle. So this book gives us the resources to eat healthy while working out, and can be used by your average Joe or your professional athlete. The advice is simple and the meal plans and recipes are simple, too. My favorite is Paleo Pesto Chicken with Paleo Apple Crisp for dessert!
  • For Spartans and Not

    By Dengelke
    The Paleo Diet for Athletes incorporates food and fitness guidelines for everyone - even if you're not an Olympian. Useful for new and veteran athletes, the book highlights the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle by focusing on diet, performance, and recovery. To incorporate the diversity within each sport, the book encompasses tangible diet and recipe plans to work into any physical activity. Paleo Diet for Athletes is less a diet than a way of life, and whether you’re an experienced jock or still struggling to get to the gym, this book will set the course to be a Spartan warrior.
  • A simple way to begin in a complex carbohydrate world

    By Snarkitout
    The Paleo Diet for Athletes is a simple, easy way to start off a new diet and a new perspective. Diet and exercise books can get confusing, but this is not one of them. It’s set up to make reading and creating these recipes as easy as possible, with no extra fuss. Along with the recipes, it talks about the importance of types of food for endurance and the sport you’re exercising for, something that I had never thought to do before. A great book to get started on a new, healthier eating style.
  • Paleo = Performance

    By TR-Rides-Again
    “Paleo Diet for Athletes” is a must-read book for those who are done with carbs but need the energy to work out and stay active. By showing the science behind how the body processes food and uses energy, which is based on the needs of our ancient ancestors and their hunter-gatherer way of life, “PDFA” makes a good argument for dumping grains and legumes (it says they’re “toxic”) and instead using lean meats, lots of veggies and some berries and nuts to stay healthy while training and working out. Not only that, the shopping lists and recipes provided flesh out a start-to-finish “lifestyle” that should appeal to any athlete or fitness buff who can’t or doesn’t want to eat grains and legumes.
  • Working out has never felt so rewarding.

    By Vanillacoke15
    I became vegan this past year and I've been having a difficult to keep my energy level up when I work out. Paleo's Diet for Athletes directed me in the right direction for snacks, breakfast and dinner. The book is split up by sport/activity and points it's reader in the right direction of food. Another thing I liked it didn't harp on the calories a person consumed on each meal. I recommend these recipes for anyone who has to cook for a marathon runner, athlete in training or a high school sport's team member.
  • Really good value

    By LoraTalvit
    I checked out the book after a girlfriend of mine transformed her body. It took her one year, but she went from middle-aged mom to competing in fitness competitions! I found this book to have interesting ideas and information, such as the history to people eating and excercising. This book explains the Paleo diet pretty well. It provides quick and easy recipes, and even includes a dessert section! I'm going to give this diet a try!
  • Delicious recipes straight out of prehistory

    By A.Markey
    As an athlete constantly working on improving my endurance and physical condition, I have tried diets that revolve around counting calories or carb-loading but to no avail. The Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide opened my eyes to the natural benefits of incorporating unprocessed foods such as lean meat and fresh produce into my diet. With a wide range of satisfying dishes designed to help me through my workout routines, I am finding that I have more energy to fuel each session. The garlic chicken recipe will transport your senses to the kitchens of Tuscany and the combination of juicy mango with delicate salmon is truly magnificent. With rich desserts to suit every craving, there is nothing to keep you from becoming healthier and happier.
  • A Perfect Guide for Athletes

    By aeb16
    I always think of diets as something that people just do to become skinny by eating things they don’t like. This book changed my viewpoints on diets in general. I think my favorite part was the collection of recipes like Yambana Nut Muffins or the Southwest Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa. It really changed my idea that eating healthy means eating bland and gross food. The best part about this diet is that there are no calorie restrictions, just a focus on eating healthfully. There is no better guide out there that will teach you how to become healthy long term.