Motorcycle Safety (Vol. 1) Accident Free Riding, It's Not By Accident - Proven Techniques To Keep You On The Road And Off The Pavement - Robert H. Miller

Motorcycle Safety (Vol. 1) Accident Free Riding, It's Not By Accident - Proven Techniques To Keep You On The Road And Off The Pavement

By Robert H. Miller

  • Release Date: 2011-12-13
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
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Previous motorcycle safe riding books have emphasized the physical skills required for motorcycling, i.e., braking, accelerating, cornering, etc., but my experience is these skills have very little to do with motorcycle safe riding. Accident-Free Riding on the street is a physical exercise 10% of the time and a mental exercise 90% of the time, but it's this mental aspect of road riding that's been neglected by past motorcycle safe riding authors and instructors.

Perhaps they didn't have five decades of motorcycling experience or the hundreds of thousands of accident-free miles it requires to acquire a proven body of hands-on knowledge. Perhaps they never became self-aware motorcyclists who could effectively communicate Accident-Free Riding Techniques. I used Accident-Free Riding Techniques for decades before I was aware I had them. They were acquired instinctively after decades of on and off-road riding and racing. Realizing that I had them was an epiphany and it lead to my obsession to share the Accident-Free Riding Techniques I had unconsciously learned.

My first Accident-Free Riding article in Motorcyclist's September 2010 issue really struck a positive chord with readers. Riders were, and are, clamoring for Accident-Free Riding Techniques they can learn and apply.

As a life-long motorcyclist with five decades of riding experience and hundreds of thousands of accident-free miles and an unscathed motorcycle with 140,000 miles ridden almost exclusively on twisty two-lane roads (the most dangerous type), I'll let you decide if what I've learned helps you before I become another self-proclaimed motorcycle safe-riding expert.

Before you pay hundreds of dollars for track days, safe riding courses, or for the advice of a self-proclaimed motorcycle safe-riding expert, you may want to ask that instructor or author if they've ridden accident-free, or almost accident-free for hundreds of thousands of miles on two lane roads over several decades. If they haven't, you may want to view their advice with some skepticism. You can't learn accident-free riding from someone who crashes - the only thing you can learn from them is how to crash.

Accident-Free Riding
After the Fact
Control Your Ego
Curves v. Corners
Distracted Driving
Empty Intersections
Five Factors
Group Riding
Lane Positioning
Parking, Stopping, Starting
Perfect I'm Not
Riding With Attitude
Recognizing Danger

Words - 21,300

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About the Author:
Qualifications - Thirty-seven years and over 250,000 miles as a licensed motorcycle operator. Thirty-five years and 185,000 accident-free road miles. Seventeen years and 43,000 miles dual sport riding. Ten years of East Coast Enduro Association competition. Forty years off-pavement riding.