Motorcycle Road Trips (Vol. 18) Isle of Man TT Races - The Greatest Road Racing On Earth (SWE) - Robert H. Miller

Motorcycle Road Trips (Vol. 18) Isle of Man TT Races - The Greatest Road Racing On Earth (SWE)

By Robert H. Miller

  • Release Date: 2011-12-16
  • Genre: Europe


You may have heard about the Isle of Man TT Races and you may know it's special, but what you don't know is that it won't last forever. Forces bigger than motorcycling are threatening this two-week festival of speed. The 150-mph run down bumpy and crowned Bray Hill, three feet in the air at Ballaugh Bridge, and flat out at nearly 200 mph through the mist and over the "damp bits" on Snafell Mountain are sights you can't see anywhere else in the world and they're all on the endangered list. Add the stunt rider shows, the drags, the Ramsey bike show, Mad Sunday, the crazy crowds, and the nightly smoky burn outs on Douglas' Queen's Promenade and you've got something that's not to be missed. If you want to know how to get there, where to stay when you get there, and what to see when you get there, then you'll want to have this ebook before you get there.

A Global Happening
American Sport Bikes In Europe
California Connection
Don't Call Them English
IOM - Must See & Must Do
Motorcycles, Whiskey, & Death
More Than Just Races
Ten Tips For The Trip Of A Lifetime
The Isle Of Man TT Races

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This Backroad Bob’s Isle of Man ebook is one part of a 21-part CD series that is Backroad Bob’s Motorcycle Road Trips and includes the following titles. The CDs and the ebooks contain the same articles, but the ebooks are text-only and the dual sporting ebooks exclude the roll charts, GPS maps, and GPS coordinates. The full-color, photo-filled versions, the photo CDs, and the full-content dual sporting CDs are available only from

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About the Author:
Qualifications - Thirty-seven years and over 250,000 miles as a licensed motorcycle operator. Thirty-five years and 185,000 accident-free road miles. Seventeen years and 43,000 miles dual sport riding. Ten years of East Coast Enduro Association competition. Forty years off-pavement riding. Completion of Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner and Advanced Rider Courses and Keith Code's Superbike School. A.A.S. - Mechanical Engineering with over 25 years professional mechanical experience.

Road Riding - Thirty-seven of 48 contiguous states with extensive knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Southeastern states. Five Canadian provinces, Isle of Man, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

Dual Sport Riding - Mid-Atlantic States, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Tennessee. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Monongahela, Wayne and Allegheny National Forests. Ten Pennsylvania State Forests.
Leadership Positions: President (1995-2011) - Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association (TMIOA), North Eastern Region Director (2000-2009), and Pennsylvania State Director (1994-2009) - Honda Sport Touring Association (HSTA). Rally Dual Sport Route Coordinator - Honda Sport Touring Association Rendezvous 1996. Rally Coordinator - The Thumper Humper (THE) Rally 1998-2008, PA Adventure Rally 1994-2007, Pennsylvania Dual Sport Rides 1995-2007, Pennsylvania 500 Road Ride 2005-2007, and Turbo Rally '95, 00, and '10. Organizer - 2001 Honda Sport Touring Association Rendezvous - a 400+ participant 5-day international event.