Hajj & Umrah Guide by Dr Khalid Khan - Dr Khalid Khan

Hajj & Umrah Guide by Dr Khalid Khan

By Dr Khalid Khan

  • Release Date: 2018-07-21
  • Genre: Islam


Dr Khalid's Hajj & Umrah Guide is an in-depth explanation and walkthrough to the fifth pillar of Islam. It is easy to use and understand and may serve as a reference for the pilgrim on his / her journey.

The guide includes:
- Important information before the Hajj
- The Ihraam
- How to perform Hajj and Umrah
- Madeenah
- Supplications
- Tips for things to take with you

There are up-to-date pictures from the journey to help the prospective pilgrim identify locations and sights as well as illustrations to better explain the rites and actions one must perform at different places and times of the Hajj.