Behaving Badly - Isabel Wolff

Behaving Badly

By Isabel Wolff

  • Release Date: 2017-11-23
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Animal behaviorist Miranda Sweet has given up on men, perferring to spend her time with animals - after all, they're nicer, kinder and far more reliable. So she opens up her own animal behavior clinic in London's Primrose Hill and is soon working her magic on domineering dogs and depressed cats.  But can she kep the entire male species at bay forever?  Her best friend Daisy, an incurably romantic wedding planner doens't think so, and when a handosme photographer, David, arrives on the scene, Miranda wonders whether she's been a bit hasty.  But in order to be with David Miranda knows that she will have to confess to him the guilty secret that she has harbored for 16 years.  Will she be brave enough to tell him who she really is, and what she once did?  A moving, witty and redemptive tale of courage, forgiveness, second chances and assorted animals, from the internationally best-selling author of 'A Vintage Affair'.