TableTaffy Varietyzine Edition 1, 2 And 3 - Sean Galloway

TableTaffy Varietyzine Edition 1, 2 And 3

By Sean Galloway

  • Release Date: 2017-01-23
  • Genre: Graphic Novels
Score: 5
From 12 Ratings


All ages magazine. TableTaffy Varietyzine's are packed with short stories, comics, activities, games, and more! Fun for everyone. This combo comes with TTVZ 1, TTVZ 2 & TTVZ 3! 
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  • Something Very Special

    By Urbanbarbarian
    Table Taffy is truly a unique collection of stories and art. It's a rare work that combines such a high level of depth and artistry that you begin to wonder what sort of entertainment studio could be behind such a masterwork. When you find out it's not a big studio at all and instead the brainchild and vision of just two people... it's mind boggling. You're in for a real treat with these books. Young or old you will find yourself deeply drawn into a very special and magical place. A place so timeless you wish it would never end. Enjoy!
  • A Saturday morning nostalgia kick

    By ArtFella
    With action, mystery, adventure, heros, and villains Varietyzines offers a ton of charm wrapped up in short story's that will leave you feeling like they should be a part of a Saturday morning cartoon block! The tales are combined with wonderful renditions of the characters and scenes found in these stories. The art, combined with their stories, feel like they could pop right off the page; ready to continue their adventure in an animated series. As well as excellent artwork and story telling, Varietyzines offers fun and challenges for all ages. Crossword puzzles, Scavenger Hunts, and "did you get that?" reading challenges pepper each volume of this collection. I found "Did you get that?" to be especially valuable as it challenges kids to think more closely about what they're reading. Varietyzines would be an excellent addition for kids of all ages. Whether it be reading with your children, or sitting back yourself to enjoy them, Varietyzines finds itself in a position where it's imaginative worlds will pull you in then leave you wanting more and asking "what's next!"
  • Fantastic all-ages read!

    By Erik Burnham
    I can't say enough good things about the TableTaffy VarietyZine. It's exactly the kind of stuff I loaded up on as a kid -- comics, prose stories, activities… if I had sticker packs it'd be like going back in time! As it is, there is a *lot* of content, gorgeous art, humor, and even a little sneaky education. (I seriously love the attention paid to reading comprehension; it's a valuable skill, and the VarietyZine fosters it on the best way.) My only gripe now is that this stuff isn't also kicking around as an animated series or two… but I imagine that's just a matter of time. Meanwhile, dive into these great stories (and bring the kids!)
  • Table Taffy Varietyzines Are Awesome!

    By Jwynder
    These books are 🔥🔥🔥!!! The art is gorgeous and the stories are super fun. The activities are dope as well. These are great for children and adults alike. Love these books!
  • So much fun and do well done!

    By mushume
    I was super impressed by all the ideas, characters, stories and beautiful illustrations in all three magazines! Excellence to the highest degree!
  • Fantastic!

    By Jakekc913
    Sean Galloway does not disappoint... The best part about these books is that they're for all ages. Not only does it keep you engaged with all of the beautiful Illustrations, but the story has quizzes after each page that keeps the reader Interested and focused. What a great way to get kids excited to read!... I'm a 30 year old Dad who enjoys these just as much if not more than my 8 year old daughter. Do yourself a favor and download these awesome books!
  • Lots of All-Ages Fun!

    By Sel113
    The Table Taffy Varietyzine is everything you love about the Table Taffy properties, all in one convient bundle. Great artwork and world-building, fun stories, and a wide range of activities to keep younger readers engaged. Perfect for fans of any age!