Jump-Start Your Christian Life - Hamp Lee III

Jump-Start Your Christian Life

By Hamp Lee III

  • Release Date: 2016-11-17
  • Genre: Christianity


When faced with money problems, difficulties with people, challenges at work, or just the busyness of life, your focus might not be as sharp and your resolve not as strong. Even though you go through the motions of your weekly routine without much notice from friends and family, you know deep inside that life is getting the best of you.

Jump-Start Your Christian Life: Five Simple Ways to Refresh, Restore, and Reset is written as a recharge for your Christian life. Through five simple principles, you can experience the boost you need to help you refresh, restore, and reset your life in godliness.

If you're ready to energize your Christian life, consider reading this book. The information contained in these pages will help you refocus and strengthen your resolve to face the challenges ahead through Christ Jesus.