How to Cure Low Self-Esteem with Spiritual Understanding: A Simplified Guide for Finding the Confidence Already Within You - Beau Norton

How to Cure Low Self-Esteem with Spiritual Understanding: A Simplified Guide for Finding the Confidence Already Within You

By Beau Norton

  • Release Date: 2016-08-17
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
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I’ve written this short guide for you because for most of my life I suffered with extremely low self-esteem and severe social anxiety. I was so desperate for answers to my problems that I delved deep into the world of self-help for several years. After about 3 years of intense study, I realized that I was really not much happier as a result of all this accumulated knowledge. Sure, I did apply much of what I was learning and saw some minor results, but I was disappointed that all my searching brought me only a little closer to real inner peace. It wasn’t until I began to comprehend a select few spiritual teachings that everything changed for me.

Today I want to share with you my understanding with hopes that you will come to a similar understanding and finally break free from everything that is preventing you from living the life you want to live.

As you read the words I have written, remember that the words are only pointers. Do not believe anything I say until you have proven it for yourself. The answer is not in the words. The answer is in you. You’ll have to dig deep to find it, but I pray that my words will guide you there.


  • Great Book

    By S_Hal
    Great read Beau! I totally agree as I have been on the awareness journey since October of 2015. I was very ego driven and it wasn’t until I begin to free myself of all the thoughts of what I believed my life should look like that I found true inner serenity. I love spending hours throughout each day admiring the beauty in nature and the abundance of all that has been given. Thanks for the added knowledge friend...
  • I loved it!

    By MagicalMisfit
    Informative and straight to the point
  • Wow

    By RealHipHopIsLost
    Hope this helps
  • Self-esteem

    By Shithead32
    Excellent piece. Helped me get through a lot of negative stuff in my life
  • Excellent

    By Liz Gold
    Words of wisdom! I'm totally transformed by what she has said, true self is the key to a happy life indeed. I suffered with being "not good enough". I have everything I want in life, but because of my ego, I am never satisfied. I'm letting go and find peace within myself.
  • Straight & to the point!

    By JMarieDunlap
    Great read! I think you said everything in simplicity! It was inspiring and I hope to take your words and learn to find my spiritual self and let go of the ego and negative thoughts. Thank you!